Fleet Discipline Certificates Application

The Fleet Discipline Certificates Application process can be completed in two (2) steps detailed below:

  1. Certification Program Participant Application. This application contains demographic information about the applicant, fleet job experience summary, program selection information and agreement terms. You will receive an email confirmation that the participant application has been received. A link for Step 2 is also included in case you wish to complete at a later time.
  2. Program Enrollment & Payment. Based on the program that you select (CAFS/CAFM) in Step 1, you be be presented with the program enrollment options. Once you selected the desired program, you will be prompted for payment as you go through the shopping cart process.

NOTE: If you are a NAFA member and logged into the website, a portion of your information will be filled in automatically during the application process.  You will also be eligible for member discounts on the enrollment fees.

Step 1: Certification Program Participant Application

The Certification Program Participant Application is shown below. This is a two (2) step process. Please fill out the information below and click Save and Go To Step 2.

Preferred Address:
Please select the disciplines you would like to concentrate on:


The enrollment fee entitles the participant to pursue CAFM® certification for three (3) years, and the CAFS® program for two (2) years, from the enrollment date. Study materials include the Reference Guide (textbook), Study Guide (e-book available for download) and Practice Test Questions, which are all provided online. The enrollment fee is non-refundable and does not cover examination fees.

I acknowledge that, upon payment of the non-refundable enrollment fee, and NAFA's acceptance of this application, I will be enrolled to pursue CAFM certification for three (3) years, and the CAFS program for two (2) years, from the enrollment date, provided that I comply with all requirements of the Certification program. I acknowledge the obligation to advise the certification program of ANY change of address.

I further acknowledge that I have read and agree to be bound by the terms of the NAFA Certification Applicant Agreement.

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