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Providing Legislative Resources for NAFA Members

An E-Newsletter for Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates are issued monthly to NAFA Members and then archived online. With this e-newsletter, NAFA Members can easily check on the progress and status of current legislation. This is a member-only benefit.


Legislative Counsels

Legislative Counsels in Washington, DC and Ottawa, Ontario give voice to issues concerning the entire fleet management community. Counsels coordinate voice and keep members informed of critical updates so they may respond quickly and take a proactive role.

NAFA retains experienced legislative representatives in Washington, DC and Ottawa, ON to coordinate vital information on laws, regulations, and other government activity relating to fleets. Fleet managers and industry leaders rate this service one of the Association’s most valuable benefits of membership. Regular updates are included in most of NAFA publications, including Legislative Updates. In emergent situations, NAFA distributes urgent news to membership via email. NAFA encourages fleet managers to communicate regularly with lawmakers and regulators to assure that fleet concerns are considered when laws and regulations are being considered.

NAFA Members and Affiliates may request information on specific pending laws or regulations without charge by directly contacting:

United States:

Patrick O’Connor

President, Kent & O’Connor
1531 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 350
Washington, DC 22209


Huw Williams

Impact Public Affairs
66 Queen Street, Suite 300
Ottawa ON K1P 5C6

Government Affairs Committee Members

As a NAFA Member, you can call NAFA’s Canadian Legislative Counsel on the dedicated phone number 866.935.9969. Call with any questions or concerns on the status of the latest legislation and receive a guarantee 24-hour response (excluding weekends and public holidays).

NAFA provides information on current and proposed laws and regulations; however, NAFA does not provide any legal advice, which must be obtained from your own attorney.

Legislative Documents

06/10/2014 – On June 10, NAFA Fleet Management Association Chief Operating Officer Phillip Russo, CAE, sent messages to key members of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies; and the Senate Committee on Appropriations regarding the Diesel Emission Reduction Act (DERA). If funds are not allowed to be appropriated, the Obama Administration’s 2015 budget proposal will reduce funding from the $20 million contained in the Continuing Resolution in Fiscal Year 2014 to zero in 2015. To view the messages sent to Senators Reed, Shelby, Mikulski, and Murkowski, click here!