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When I received my welcome packet, the exterior of the folder had quotes from Members. One quote that caught my eye was to the effect of: NAFA gave me the ability to network and find the job I was looking for! A fleet manager approached me at the Las Vegas conference with a job offer at that time. I am still employed at my job 4 1/2 years later and enjoy it as much as ever! NAFA has helped me in my chosen profession and continues to do so.
Deputy John Croop, CAFM®

One of the benefits of being a NAFA Member is the opportunity to tap into a dynamic career network that includes job postings, job wanted postings as well as a resume bank.

  • The job postings is included in each bi-weekly, e-mailed NAFAConnection newsletter as well as available online.
  • Jobs Wanted is publicly listing on the NAFA website a list of fleet professionals actively seeking employment.

Job Postings

Space is provided in each issue of NAFAConnection for companies and organizations to advertise career opportunities in the fleet industry. This space also allows Members to market themselves to potential employers.

Links to a complete job description and instructions on how to apply should be included in your job posting.  

Please note all of the materials a candidate must supply in order to be considered for the position (i.e., resume, salary history, municipal application and the like).  Job posting are displayed exactly as you provide in the webform and you may also include an attachment with your listing.

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PLEASE NOTE: Job postings are for 60 days at a cost of $199 for members and $249 for non-members. Payment will be due prior to the job being posted. NAFA will only accept checks or credit cards for payment.


Seeking A New Job?  Use NAFA's Jobs Wanted

​Jobs Wanted Listing
Are you looking for a new job? NAFA’s Job Wanted Listings allows Members to publically list on the NAFA website for hiring managers include you in their job search.  Space is also provided in each issue of NAFAConnection for Members and Associates to post the career of their choice. 

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Contact Maureen Smith with any questions about any of the Career Network Services.

Maureen Smith

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