Fleet 101 Series

Fleet 101 Webinar Series

When you’re new to fleet, how will you develop your superpowers?

NAFA’s Fleet 101 webinars!

There’s so much to know in fleet – best practices in acquisition, the risk management process, which fuels are right, and how to select a telematics solution, for starters. Factor in the pace of change with how tough it is to get internal training and you will see that getting and staying on top is not easy.

Prepare yourself for the challenges ahead by watching NAFA’s Fleet 101 Webinar Series.

Create a strong foundation in fleet basics taught by some of the best in the industry.
The introductory session and seven discipline webinars are taught by industry experts who bring their personal experiences and valuable insights to the program.


Gain a career-long advantage in 8 quick and easy webinars.

Better-informed professionals run better performing fleets – and this program will familiarize you with the fundamentals of every aspect of fleet management. You’ll learn in-demand skills you can apply immediately to start adding value to your organization’s operations.


There’s no better way to learn the fundamentals of fleet management.

  • Get up to speed quickly watching eight 1-hour webinars
  • Learn at your convenience on your computer, laptop or smartphone
  • Email our team of experts for fast answers to your questions
  • Build a foundation of knowledge you’ll leverage throughout your career
  • Learn from an all-star cast of industry experts

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Recently, I purchased NAFA’s Fleet 101 Webinar series to introduce a new employee to the world of fleet management, but also found it beneficial for other members of my team. Highly recommended!”
Ronald Gitelman - Fleet Administrator, Yale University

Available Webinars

1. Fleet 101 - Introduction

This introductory webinar to the Fleet 101 series provides a broad overview of NAFA’s disciplines of fleet management, education resources, and the 11 essentials of fleet management. Presented by Bryan Flansburg, CAFM® and Katherine Vigneau, CAFM®

2. Fleet 101 Webinar Series Bundle - all 8 webinars

This eight-webinar set begins with a one-hour introductory webinar that will provide you with an overview of the entire Fleet 101 curriculum. Then, each additional 60-minute, recorded webinar will speak to one particular discipline that is essential to fleet management.

3. Fleet 101 - Asset Management

The Asset Management module focuses on how fleet vehicles are priced, selected, utilized, and remarketed. You will learn:

  • How to read a dealer invoice.
  • How to categorize vehicle expenses.
  • How to leverage your organization’s purchasing power through strategic sourcing.
  • The importance of selecting the right vehicle and the proper timing for the replacement of those vehicles.
  • How to select an appropriate remarketing strategy.

Presented by John Dmochowsky, CAFM® and Mike Wilson, CAFM®

4. Fleet 101 - Business Management

The Business Management session illustrates how to write comprehensive fleet policies. It will also explore the potential issues that can come with developing these policies and procedures. You will learn:

  • The basic factors in writing a Request for Proposal (RFP).
  • How to write a fleet policy and what should be included
  • Various aspects of civil, criminal, contract, and tort law that pertain to fleet.

Presented by Mike Camnetar, CAFM® and Katherine Vigneau, CAFM®

5. Fleet 101 - Financial Management

Are you having trouble deciding which method of acquiring vehicles for your fleet is the most economical? The Financial Management module will cover:

  • The lease vs. purchase vs. reimburse decision.
  • The Lifecycle Cost Analysis model that should drive fleet decisions.
  • How to use different techniques to select the best vehicle to meet the needs of your fleet.

Presented by Mike Camnetar, CAFM® and Katherine Vigneau, CAFM®

6. Fleet 101 - Information Management

If you are not sure what to do with all of the data and important information related to your fleet, the Information Management module can help you figure out where to begin. You will learn:

  • The basics of a Fleet Information Management System (FIMS) database application.
  • Strategies for collecting and presenting data in a meaningful format.
  • How to correlate and find trends in your data.
  • The role that telematics can play in your fleet.

Presented by Michael Bisogno, CAFM®

7. Fleet 101 - Maintenance Management

Maintaining your fleet is important because it not only impacts efficiency, but also aspects like finance and safety. The Maintenance Management module will:

  • Examine the effects that scheduled and unscheduled maintenance can have on your fleet.
  • Help fleet managers identify adequate staffing levels.
  • Show you how to seize advantageous outsourcing opportunities.

Presented by Ray Brisby, CAFM®

8. Fleet 101 - Risk Management

Fleet managers deal with an enormous amount of liability and risk in their profession. The Risk Management webinar will:

  • Explore the four strategies that can be used to deal with risks – avoidance, retention, reduction, and transference
  • Demonstrate how to use the risk management process
  • Discuss crash management and driver training

Presented by Matthew Betz and Katherine Vigneau, CAFM®

9. Fleet 101 - Vehicle Fuel Management

Fuel management is an important aspect of a fleet manager’s duties. The Vehicle Fuel Management webinar will:

  • Look at octane and cetane ratings.
  • Examine the pros and cons of in-house and outsourced fueling systems.
  • Look at hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles.
  • Examine alternative fuels like ethanol, natural gas, and biodiesel.

Presented by Ray Brisby, CAFM® and Patti Earley, CAFM®