Government Affairs Committee

Government Affairs Committee

Legislative Counsels in Washington, DC and Ottawa, Ontario give voice to issues concerning the entire fleet management community. Counsels coordinate voice and keep members informed of critical updates so they may respond quickly and take a proactive role.

NAFA retains experienced legislative representatives in Washington, DC and Ottawa, ON to coordinate vital information on laws, regulations, and other government activity relating to fleets. Fleet managers and industry leaders rate this service one of the Association’s most valuable benefits of membership. Regular updates are included in most of NAFA publications, including Legislative Updates. In emergent situations, NAFA distributes urgent news to membership via email. NAFA encourages fleet managers to communicate regularly with lawmakers and regulators to assure that fleet concerns are considered when laws and regulations are being considered.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Develop and carry out government affairs and advocacy strategies, including proposing legislation and regulations that would positively impact fleets, as approved by the Board of Directors or President.
  • Create issue-specific workgroups and task forces as needed with input from the President and Chief Executive Officer.  Fill positions on such workgroups with appropriate individuals.
  • Monitor and draft responses, as appropriate, to legislation and regulations that would affect fleets.
  • Make recommendations and seek President or Board of Trustee approval on responses to legislation and regulations.
  • Seek Regular Member and Associate Member input and action on legislation and regulations that would affect fleets.
  • Increase the number of Regular Members who participate in workgroups and taskforces that develop NAFA positions and comments on legislative and regulatory issues.
  • Activate Regular Members by providing tools they can use to educate their management on fleet issues and to communicate directly with legislators and regulators.
  • Involve Regular Members directly through Washington “Fly-ins” and NAFA leadership meetings with key legislators and regulators.
  • Suggest article ideas for publication in NAFA’s magazine and newsletter.
  • Inform public policy through regular, coordinated interaction with legislators and regulators.
  • Shape public policy by providing credible, valid information to legislators and regulators at an early point with continued involvement throughout the process.
  • Educate stakeholders on regulatory and legislative issues through NAFA publications, webinars, conference calls, alerts or other modes of communication.
  • Meet at least once a month by conference call to review current activities and to consider new initiatives.
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Committee Members

Keith Leech
Chief, Fleet Division & Parking Enterprise
County of Sacramento Dept. of General Services
(916) 875-5501
Vice Chair – Regular Member
Bill McCarty
Director – Office of Budget & Management
City of Springfield
(217) 789-2191
Vice Chair - Associate Member
Mark Boada
Senior Editor
Fleet Management Weekly
(215) 860-5967
Board Leader
Jeffery L. Jeter
Fleet Manager
Department of General Services, Fleet Services
Chesterfield County
(804) 717-6790