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09/12/2018 | The Physics of Fuel Savings

When it’s said that “fleet management is a science,” that’s not hyperbole. Specifically, there’s a lot of science involved with motor vehicles, how they can be made more efficient and sustainable, and how costs can be decreased. Having a microscopic understanding of how things work can bring a lot of benefits to your bottom line.

09/12/2018 | Weighing Safety Against Autonomous Technologies

Some speculate that, because of car-to-car communication, sensors, machine-learning, and unwavering attention to the task of driving, autonomous vehicles will cause crashes to become rare events. Others claim that a system is only as infallible as its very human designers and cannot be trusted with lives until overwhelming certainty is achieved.

09/12/2018 | Old Habits Die Hard Despite Technology - How Are Your Drivers Disregarding Safety?

Most every driver on the road will develop a few bad habits behind the wheel over the course of time. Whether it’s something as simple as forgetting to signal, or something more serious like glancing down at a cell phone at a red light, once driving becomes second nature it can be very easy to get complacent while doing it. The same is true for fleet drivers. Except that, because they are operating a company vehicle, there can be a lot more eyes on them over the course of a workday versus someone out for a drive in their personal vehicle.