NAFA Tightens its Bond to the Advancement of the Profession of Fleet and Mobility Management

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Release date: 5/25/2018

“Mobility” defines the transportation model for the 21st Century and NAFA is undertaking a philosophy that will guide the fleet industry into the mobility evolution.

"The landscape for businesses and organizations related to, and relying upon, transportation is changing," said Phillip E. Russo, CAE, CEO of NAFA Fleet Management association. "The fleet profession, once focused mainly on the ownership, leasing, and maintenance of motor vehicles, now has a portfolio of innovative transportation options at its control."

Throughout 2017 and into 2018, the Association’s dedication to being the organization that best reflects fleet’s ongoing evolution has been evident in its education and advocacy. NAFA recently updated its mission statement to clearly address this. 

NAFA propels the fleet and mobility profession through its world-class certification, education, advocacy, and peer networking programs, and is an essential element of success for individuals involved in the profession.

The Association's core values are the undeniable traits for which NAFA is known and is not willing to sacrifice:

  1. Integrity:  Demonstrated by uncompromised dedication to being a trusted, unbiased, and credible source of information and expertise.
  2. Leadership: Demonstrated by professional and personal pride in shaping the future of fleet and mobility management through education and advocacy.
  3. Community:  Demonstrated by professional and personal pride in being part of a collegial alliance of individuals with a common passion for excellence, mutual respect, shared experience, and collective action.

The goals NAFA is striving for are:

  1. Advocacy: NAFA will continue to grow as a thriving organization of industry stakeholders working together for a resilient, sustainable future.
  2. Community: NAFA is and will continue to be the thriving community for peer interaction in the fleet and mobility industry.
  3. Professional Development: NAFA will continue to provide fleet and mobility management professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing industry.

NAFA encourages you to learn more about your fleet and mobility association, how your membership best prepares you for the further evolution of workplace transportation, and how you can play a critical role in its advancement.