How Fleet Professionals Bring Recognition To Their Work

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Release date: 5/18/2018

How Fleet Professionals Bring Recognition To Their Work
NAFA Director of Professional Development Katherine Vigneau, CAFM

Fleet managers frequently lament that their contributions to their organizations go unnoticed. At best, their work appears invisible and effortless, due to processes running smoothly and drama-free. At worst, their counsel is disregarded in deference to advice from outside consultants, only to duplicate the fleet manager’s initial findings to upper management.

Here are a few strategies that may help you and your fleet get noticed for all the right reasons:

1. Document Achievements. Show your work! Record the decisions you make, the work you do, and the positive results the organization attained. Wherever possible, translate accomplishments into something tangible or quantifiable
such as money saved, efficiency improvements, or enhanced service levels.

2. Communicate Success. Announce your efforts in a way that illustrates how your work impacts other departments (like sales teams, delivery crews, etc.). Weekly staff meetings are an opportunity to compliment your staff and celebrate
significant achievements. When someone takes time to acknowledge your work, don’t brush it off. You can be humble and still accept well-deserved kudos.

3. Seek Third-Party Validation. The fleet industry has many awards designed precisely to recognize fleet managers and their contributions to an organization. NAFA’s annual Fleet Excellence Awards honors excellence in fleet operations.
Tom Johnson’s 100 Best Fleets ranks and recognizes well-run fleets. Nominate yourself for awards that illustrate your team’s value.

There is no simple solution to improving your image or status. Professionalism and quality speak volumes and may eventually be noticed, but being your own best spokesperson can assure your accomplishments are known.

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