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05/30/2018 | NAFA Foundation Organizes Unique Charitable Project at Institute & Expo, with Surprising Results

Attendees Pack Over 40,000 Meals for Rise Against Hunger in Just One Hour

05/25/2018 | NAFA Tightens its Bond to the Advancement of the Profession of Fleet and Mobility Management

“Mobility” defines the transportation model for the 21st Century and NAFA is undertaking a philosophy that will guide the fleet industry into the mobility evolution. Throughout 2017 and into 2018, the Association’s dedication to being the organization that best reflects fleet’s ongoing evolution has been evident in its education and advocacy. NAFA recently updated its mission statement to clearly address this. 

05/23/2018 | Element Fleet Management Contributes $15,000 to Kick-Start NAFA Foundation Fundraising Campaign

The NAFA Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable organization formed in 1976 to support the vehicle fleet industry, reached a milestone by raising more than $26,000 in just 10 days – headlined by Element Fleet Management’s $15,000 kick-off pledge.

05/18/2018 | After The Disaster

After a disaster, the most important mission is getting people’s lives back to normal as quickly as possible. For most organizations, restoration of daily functions doesn’t happen without the fleet. While there may be some advanced warning with hurricanes, most disasters don’t give you notice before they strike. It is crucial to the success of your recovery efforts to have your emergency operations plans in place.

05/18/2018 | How Fleet Professionals Bring Recognition To Their Work

Fleet managers frequently lament that their contributions to their organizations go unnoticed. At best, their work appears invisible and effortless, due to processes running smoothly and drama-free. At worst, their counsel is disregarded in deference to advice from outside consultants, only to duplicate the fleet manager’s initial findings to upper management. Here are a few strategies that may help you and your fleet get noticed for all the right reasons

05/18/2018 | The Missing Link to a PM Program

As a fleet manager, you spend hours developing and evaluating your preventive maintenance (PM) program to reduce maintenance costs and downtime. You balance the cost versus mileage based on usage and history. You may even run sophisticated schedules based on PM due dates. A successful PM program, however, is predicated on one key aspect: the vehicle has to make it to a shop. This important aspect is most often in the hands of drivers who have full-time jobs and taking time to have their vehicles serviced is an inconvenience. Here are some important steps in ensuring drivers take their vehicle in for their PM.

05/18/2018 | Handling Recalls

As a professional fleet manager, one of your responsibilities is ensuring that vehicle recalls are completed in a timely manner. It sounds simple, but you know managing recalls can be difficult and time-consuming. Here is some practical advice to assist you in managing recalls.

05/17/2018 | Engaging The Partnership Between The Fleet Department And Procurement

It is imperative that the fleet manager maintains a good relationship with the procurement department and vice-versa. This is a partnership, not a rivalry. This means that there are aspects of the fleet program that will primarily be the responsibility of the fleet manager and some aspects will be led by procurement, but when it is necessary, the two will come together with their expertise to achieve the best results.

05/03/2018 | Longtime Fleet Professional And NAFA Member Ray Breault Announces Retirement

After a long and illustrious career in fleet and as a valued NAFA member, Ray Breault announced in early 2018 his decision to step away from his duties with the company Fleet Response. It is the close of a career Breault called in his farewell statement, “a profession I’ve known and loved for 59 years.”

05/03/2018 | The Nuts And Bolts Of Implementing Telematics

For those who still equate telematics with not much more than a “dot on the map,” there could be plenty more surprises coming. A new or upgraded solution may include unexpected costs for installation, hidden fees, and inconvenient vehicle downtime. As telematics solutions continue to grow in features and complexity, then, it’s as important as ever to pay attention, to ask questions, and to dig deep into contracts and plans.