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07/19/2018 | NAFA CEO Phillip E. Russo, CAE: NAFA's 2018 I&E From My Perspective

A Daily Diary of Highlights from the World’s Largest Fleet Conference & Expo

"Fleet and mobility professionals from around the globe flocked to Anaheim in April, eager to learn, network, and be part of the world’s largest and best conference and trade show for fleet and mobility professionals: NAFA’s annual Institute and Expo (I&E). Here are some of my more memorable personal recollections from the four days."

07/19/2018 | Navigating Fleet Staff Conflict

Fleet and mobility professionals frequently find themselves in the position of mediator and conflict mitigation manager, with two employees on either side and at odds with each other. How do you, as the fleet subject matter expert, resolve these human resources-related situations, and why is it important that you learn to do so?

07/19/2018 | Is Green The New Gold?

Investing in a new technology or initiative for the sustainability benefits alone can be a noble idea with long-term benefits – but not necessarily one that upper management will gravitate toward. These days, with fleet budgets being crunched to squeeze out every last dime, your sustainability efforts might also require cost savings.

07/05/2018 | Are You Really Ready? NAFA Event Prepares Attendees for the Unexpected

Are You Really Ready? The Critical Role of Fleets Before, During, and Post-Disaster, put attendees, figuratively speaking, in positions they might not have wanted to be: knee-deep in flood waters, bracing for hurricane-force winds, and staring down a wall of fire descending from the mountains.

07/05/2018 | NAFA’s 2018 International Fleet Academy: Fleet Managers at a Mobility Crossroads

As legislators in the United States wrestle with the finer points of electric vehicles, autonomous technologies, cybersecurity, and how all these will impact the world of fleet, other countries are moving forward…countries where global fleet managers have oversight. That’s why NAFA brought in some of the world’s leading mobility experts to speak at its annual International Fleet Academy (IFA)…and that’s why the room was packed with fleet and mobility experts eager to learn.

07/05/2018 | NAFA CEO Phillip E. Russo, CAE: Creating Rooms For Everyone in NAFA’s House

NAFA’s Board of Directors recognizes the importance of this sense of community, as well as the critical nature of having segment-specific content. That is why the Board has developed goals and approved plans that will ensure NAFA continues to be the most relevant and thriving source for peer interaction and valuable segment-specific information. Last month, the Board began putting in motion a progressive initiative that will make sure this happens.

07/05/2018 | NAFA Thanks Past President Al Cavalli for 60 Years of Loyal Membership

NAFA thanks Al Cavalli for his stewardship of the fleet industry, for seeing the way forward during 60 years in fleet and for recognizing the need for the close community our Association has become.

07/05/2018 | Need Your Team Results to Grow? NAFA CEO Phillip E. Russo, CAE, Suggests "C.A.R.E."

Fleet managers have many challenges not just when it comes to team member “management,” but also in building a culture of innovation and support.  Additionally, developing more effective philosophies, work processes, and results can’t be done just through a team leader handling ALL of the problem solving. NAFA CEO Phillip Russo, CAE, suggests using a team leadership philosophy that he refers to as “C.A.R.E.”: Creative, Accountable, Responsible, and Empowered.

07/02/2018 | NAFA's 2018 Conference Registrations Break Previous Records

2018 registrations eclipsed its conference and Expo record previously set in 2013.