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04/18/2018 | How Mobility Will Affect Fleet Assets And Driver Autonomy

With the rise of ridesharing apps, organizations may no longer own or lease the majority of vehicles they utilize. As burgeoning autonomous driving technology evolves, the term “driver” could one day be little more than a euphemism. The coming changes in transportation will be as transformational as the shift from horses to the combustion engine.

04/18/2018 | How Law Enforcement Determines and Uses Key Performance Indicators

Each fleet segment has requirements that demand specialization, not only in the vehicles being utilized but how they are maintained, repaired, and in some cases resold to the public. When law enforcement fleet professionals determine the effectiveness of their work and equipment, their key performance indicators (KPIs) need to factor in another level of unique circumstances.

04/10/2018 | NAFA’s 2018 Institute & Expo to Feature All-Star Fleet Speakers

Conference Hosts Can’t-Miss Sessions Addressing Topics Straight from Today’s Headlines.

04/05/2018 | NAFA Joins Auto-ISAC as a Cybersecurity Strategic Partner

Partnership developed to combat cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents related to connected vehicles.

04/05/2018 | Trade Show News Network Names NAFA’s Institute & Expo to “Top Trade Show” List

Trade Show News Network, the leading resource for the trade show, exhibition, and event industry, has named NAFA’s Institute and Expo (I&E) to its list of the 2017 Top U.S. Trade Shows.