NAFA Foundation Donation

NAFA Foundation Donation

Over the next few months, the NAFA Foundation will develop an in-depth white paper that will include immediate steps for fleet managers to take to embrace mobility options.  We will present a webinar showcasing highlights of the white paper in early Fall, then follow with an in-person workshop on the subject next Spring.
In order to accomplish the results we know are attainable, we need support for our programs. The foundation is seeking your financial support of not only the procurement and mobility projects already in the works, but for future programs as well.  We have a full list of potential projects waiting to get started, but all in need of funding. 

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Our 2018 fundraising goal is $250,000.  We are suggesting you consider a donation of $75, but any amount will appreciated and help us accomplish our goal.

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Your contribution to the NAFA Foundation is tax-deductible under IRS guidelines.  Please consider donating today!